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In 2024 write to share, but also to learn | Jan24 editorial News

In 2024 write to share, but also to learn | Jan24 editorial

de-fora-fora invites you to write about social problems or solutions to them, about what everyone who works in non-profit organisations or companies does, directly or indirectly, on social issues. About what you learn from your successes and mistakes, and how you try to improve every day. But writing is also useful for those who write, not just for those who read.

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About us

We want those dedicated to solving social problems to start and end their day with us. We share content that our team produces, curated and partner content, and content produced by a growing community that will expand. Be part of this community of writers and multimedia content producers

We challenge you to reflect and communicate on activities, projects and programmes that you non-profit organisation, company or local authority carries out to solve social challenges. Written by those who have learnt from the failures and successes of their actions.

We work directly with sponsors to be able to make content available for free without having to incorporate ad hoc third-party advertising on the site. We offer two banner adverts, ideally related to social issues, writing competitions on relevant topics, newsletter advertising, sponsored thematic series and brand stories. We are therefore free to access.

We are a content platform aimed primarily at actors committed to solving the biggest social challenges: social entrepreneurs, corporate executives committed to the social responsibility of their organisations, leaders and executives of non-profit organisations and all their employees who participate in their management, local authorities and their teams who deal with social challenges every day and academics who understand the relevance of integrating these themes into teaching and research. We are also for all young people who want to understand how they can be an active part of this whole world and for civil society in general.